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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Contracts?

No Contracts, No Commitments Same day cancellation until the 27th of the month (24th in February).

Do you have Annual Fees?

Although Some of our oldest members have annual fees NO new memberships have annual fees.

What are my payment options?

1of the 2 Methods of payment can be Credit or Debit
Checking Account is Required

Are you 24 hrs?

24 hr keyless access

Do you have day passes?

Yes! all first time guest are eligible for a free day pass. Continuous Day, week and month passes incur a charge.

Do you have guest passes?

We do not offer guest passes. Guest can use their first day pass free of charge.

Do temporary passes receive a keytag?

No. All guest must sign up and use the gym during manned hours. Any other time is not permitted.

At what age can I start working out?

13 years old is the youngest with a parent.

Do you have a dress code?

Fitness Cothing. NO JEANS or WORK BOOTS

Can someone show me how to use the equipment?

Our Desk staff has limited knowledge of the equipment we suggest using 1 of your 2 free sessions for an introduction.

Do you have Trainers?

We have 6 trainers on staff across both locations waiting to tend to you

Do you offer classes?

We do not offer classes at all of our locations. We have a classroom training program called GET JACKD with Jackie in Pennsburg. 

What do I do if I need to change my account information?

If you change your account information it is your responsibility to call and update if the billing cannot go through on your bill date you may incur a fee

Can i use Chalk?

Yes of course it is a real gym. Beware though if you make a mess you will be expected to clean your mess. We do not have any moms here so we will hand you the mop bucket and rag.

How do I cancel?

The ONLY way to cancel is to come to the gym and fill out a cancellation form or send a certified letter.

When do i have to cancel so I am not billed?

You must submit a cancellation form or certified letter by the 27th of each month (24th in february)

Why do I have to spend money to cancel if I can not come in?

Well there is no guarantee we can see any emails, regular mail or other ways that aren't written. A sure fire way to guarantee you're cancelled and we received the message is to have a staff member sign for the letter.

What if my keycard isn't working?

If your billing doesn't go through and you show up after manned hours you wont have access. All of the key tags are tested before handed to members. The number outside of the door can check the status of your account and fix your billing.


Any membership that cannot be billed for 3+ months will be submitted to our collection agency and canceled out of our home system.

Can I pay online?

The Link to submit a new card for updating is below. The link is encrypted for your safety.
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